Whats in the Bag? My favourite camera kit.

Whats in the Bag? My favourite camera kit.

Every professional photographer will get asked about what cameras he uses. Like almost every question about photography. the answer is usually ..it depends.
It depends on the subject, the location, the topic and how much gear I need to do the job. What does the job call for? The gear needed to do photojournalism is a lot different that the equipment needed for an on location advertising shoot.

My equipment cabinet has different camera and lighting kits for different types of jobs. They are in their own bags and cases and can be grabbed quickly when needed without needed to sort through all the different stuff every time.

My favourite kit is the smallest ..of course. Its the basic photojournalism or news coverage kit.

2 Fujifilm X Pro 3 camera bodies.
5 Lenses: 14 f2.8, 16 f1.4, 23 f2, 56 f1.2, 90 f2
1 Go Pro
6 SD cards
2 Micro SD cards
LCD light panel
Sony voice recorder
mini tripod

…and it all fits into a Osprey waist pack.

If I need bigger glass, say a 300mm its easy to ad any extra  pouch or carry case.

Add a phone or laptop and you can files stories (audio, text, photos or video) from pretty much anywhere in the world. This is what I typically use on assignment for Reuters and Globe and Mail. This kit is also great for outdoors adventure work. Small and light weight its ideal for hiking, climbing, skiing and other adventure activities.

So, consider what gear you need for the job. No one camera or lens is ideal for all types of photography.

**. Photo by Greg Locke © 2021.


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